Information In Detail For Pneumothorax

What is Pneumothorax ?

Pneumothorax is a condition arising as a complication of diseases of lung / trauma / procedure related. Rarely, it will also be seen due to the unknown conditions. It almost always qualifies for complete resolution via high flow oxygen / pleural tapping/ intercostal drainage tube / pleurodesis / thoracoscopy. Rare condition include medical emergency called Tension Pneumothorax.

Pneumothorax is a collection of air in between the chest wall and the lung under the ribs. This is a potentially serious condition that may need urgent opinion with a Chest Specialist
There is a potential for occurrence on both sides and also likelihood of recurrence. A simple single event of Pneumothorax after trauma may be exception not needing aggressive management. But all cases need at least basic evaluation. 

What causes Pneumothorax ? 

It is caused by the accumulation of air outside the lungs in the chest. The problem arises due to the compression of the adjacent lung and the reduced oxygen delivery to blood because of the ling compression.
This is an be due to known or unknown factors called
  1. Primary (unknown)
  2. Secondary (known) 
Both are quite common but primary pneumothorax is missed on many instances as it is self-limiting. Few cases of persistent or expanding pneumothorax are brought to a specialist clinic.
Primary pneumothorax may be seen in tall thin boys with good physical ability and relatively healthy population. 

Secondary is mainly due to lung diseases like COPD, Asthma, bronchiectasis, Tuberculosis, lung cancer, rare lung problem like LAM and LCX pulmonary histiocytosis.
Lung trauma due to fractures of ribs and injuries also included in the secondary causes.
Patient is usually highly symptomatic and potentially life threatening. This likely leads to tension pneumothorax. 

Post procedures like laprotomy and chest wall surgeries spine surgeries, and post lung biopsies, post pleural tapping also causes of procedure induced pneumothorax. 

What are symptoms of pneumothorax ? 
- Chest pain.
- Cough.
- Breathing difficulty
- Restlessness
- Giddiness

Symptoms arise due to lung compression and less oxygen reaching the blood and the body.

What test do I need for diagnosis of Pneumothorax ? 
Clinical examination and history usually arises suspicion. X ray chest and routine blood workup. CT scan of the chest. These will help guide the further treatment.

What is the treatment for Pneumothorax ?
Pleural tapping or thoracocentesis needed to aspirate air for diagnostic confirmation and patient comfort. 
Oxygen may be given at high flow to hasten the resolution of the air collection.
Intercostal drainage may be needed to achieve the draining of the air completely. 

Pleurodesis and Thoracoscopy are procedures that will be  discussed and help in completing the  treatment of pneumothorax.

If left without treatment then the chances of recurrence in the case of the primary pneumothorax is about 10-15 % but increases with each recurrences.
If left without treatment in case of secondary pneumothorax with a underlying lung problem then the chances for recurrence are about 50 % or more. The choice and consideration of individual procedures is best discussed with the specialist and considering advantages disadvantages, costs hospitalization. 

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